I love working one-on-one with individuals who are serious about deepening their personal practice and focusing on their individual health goals. We can practice in the privacy of your own home or we can work together to find a local yoga studio with a similar price structure who will accommodate our needs. Here is a list of what I can offer during a private session:

- A specific sequence of yoga postures catered to your unique needs, such as injury rehabilitation, hormonal balance, weight loss, and stress reduction.

- Meditation, yoga nidra (yoga sleep), and deep relaxation techniques to help reduce stress, one of the leading causes of disease today.

- Myofascial release (MFR): a safe and very effective therapy that uses tennis balls, foam rollers, and yoga blocks to release muscular tightness, reduce pain, and increase range of motion

- Restorative or yin yoga that focuses on relaxation, flexibility, and the mind-body connection

- The use of essential oils, your choice of music, and hands-on assists to enhance your experience


Let me give you the attention and care that you need to start or deepen your personal practice. Contact me for pricing and availability!