I love to work one-on-one with individuals who are serious about breaking old habits and making incremental changes in their life. I believe that small shifts in a person's diet and lifestyle, overtime, can leading to drastic changes in their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. An Ayurvedic health consultation with me is a great way to get started on this journey to a more "blissful" state of being. 


The Initial Consultation

We will begin with a 90 minute initial consultation. During this time we will discuss your unique health history, current state of body and mind, and daily/seasonal routines. I will ask lots of questions about your diet, lifestyle (including sleep, exercise, and professional life), digestion/elimination, the use of your sense organs, and emotional/mental state. My intention here is to get to know you and your state of health in detail as well as your tendencies in the past and how you would like to be in the future. Only if you are comfortable with it, I will perform a very brief physical examination which may involve looking at your tongue and/or taking your pulse for more information on your current state. We will then discuss the qualities that I believe are expressing in your emotional, mental, and physical being which may be contributing to your present state of imbalance. Finally, I will educate you on ways to balance those qualities with Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices. 

While this is not intended to be a private educational experience, it is important for me to educate you on the basic principles of Ayurveda and for us both to understand your Prakriti (constitutional make up or "your nature") and your Vikriti (current state of imbalance). Ayurveda is very much about cultivating awareness and self-observation so you will most likely begin to acknowledge aspects of yourself you may never have been aware of but have always been true. Although it takes time and continued dedication to the practice this is an empowering part of the journey and one of my goals as the practitioner is to help facilitate this process.


The Follow-Up Consultations

What sets me apart from other health care practitioners is my belief that the follow-up consultation is critical. I am interested in being an ongoing support for you and your longterm health goals. Often times I have gone to a doctor or other specialty practitioner for a "quick fix" and then never seen them again, but how do I know if this "quick fix" was supporting my long term health? This is why I believe in the practice of setting bench mark goals for a long term vision of health. In a follow-up consultation, I will get a sense of whether or not the suggestions I gave in an initial consultation or previous follow-up consultation were helpful in balancing your state of health and we adjust the suggestions accordingly.


Continued Support

I like to stay connected with my clients if they are interested in continuing a relationship with me. Once we have set the foundational Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle that is unique to you and your health goals through an Initial Consultation and Follow-Up Consultations, I continue to make myself available for any questions or concerns that may arise. As a client of mine, you are always welcome to email me or we can set-up a 15 minute phone consultation. This is free of charge if you purchase the Initial Consultation + 2 Follow-Ups Package.